In the summer of 2014, Sam Chacon applied to have his claimed telekinetic abilities tested by the IIG.

Article by Owen Hammer | | Published: 9.21.14

PowerBalance Band

On October 21, 2010, the IIG Los Angeles conducted a test of the ‘Power Balance’ bracelets in conjunction with Yahoo! News.

Article by Super User | | Published: 11.1.10

California Board of Registered Nursing

The Independent Investigations Group investigates pseudoscience; particularly therapeutic touch in professional nursing. Just how well regulated is nursing in California?

Article by Owen Hammer and James Underdown | | Published: 11.1.09

Steven Greer at MUFON

The event was held at the Costa Mesa Community Center. Here's the link to the program announcement:

Article by David Richards | | Published: 11.10.07

IIG Featured Investigation

The Aulterra Company sells a product called a "Neutralizer" which they claim protects the user from cancer-causing radio waves emitted by cellular phones and other appliances.

Article by Owen Hammer | | Published: 11.18.06

Carla Baron, "Psychic Detective"

The Independent Investigations Group has been examining the public claims of Carla Baron – a self-proclaimed "psychic detective" who has solved fifty cases in the past twenty years, or has solved no cases in the past three years, depending on whether you believe her or us.

Article by Owen Hammer | | Published: 8.23.06

Gravity Hill Investigation

In the fall of 2005 it was suggested the IIG investigate a "mystery spot" just to the North of Los Angeles nicknamed "Gravity Hill" by the local residents.

Article by Dave Richards | | Published: 1.7.06

Logo: The See Clearly Method

In the Summer of 2004 the IIG launched an investigation into the so-called "See Clearly Method" for vision improvement.

Article by Dave Richards, Lead Investigator | | Published: 10.1.05

The Fullerton Phantom house

In January of this year, a family in the city of Fullerton, California contacted the IIG regarding strange occurrences in their home. An IIG delegation visited the home in April to investigate the report.

Article by Myriah Daniels and David Richards | | Published: 9.10.05

Alien Skull?

The IIG was contacted on December 15, 2003, by a gentleman claiming that he believed that he was in possession of an "alien skull."

Article by Sherri Andrews | | Published: 2.12.04