Lewis Rees

The Test

We picked up Mr. Rees at his hotel on the designated day. At 71, Mr. Rees appeared very physically fit, personable, and with a seemingly genuine belief in dowsing. 

On the day of the test, it rained, which unfortunately thwarted our testing plans. Since Mr. Rees had driven from Phoenix to do the test, we offered him the option of moving the demonstration indoors, which he agreed to, as long as he could still pre-dowse the floor for water pipes. Mr. Rees also agreed to placing the boxes less than 10 feet apart, necessary because of the limited indoor space. We decided not to bother with the 14 decoy jugs with sand since our indoor space was secure from outside observers.

We took Mr. Rees to the first floor of CFI where he could look up and actually see the bottom of the second floor… the same floor that he would be dowsing on. This was important because we could easily establish that there were no water pipes running along this section of CFI. After the visual inspection, he dowsed the area looking for any problem areas. After identifying a few problem spots, we adjusted the location of the boxes according to his request, and he was satisfied that there were no more areas that would interfere with the test. Finally, we placed a jug of water beneath a box in his full view and allowed him to do a test dowse.

Once Mr. Rees was satisfied that nothing would interfere with a fair test of his dowsing abilities, all extraneous members of the IIG and Mr. Rees were asked to leave the area, leaving only the placement team. Once they'd evacuated, the placement team drew a number from the hat, showed it to the camera that was recording the event, then silently placed the water jug beneath the corresponding box. The placement team left the area, and called to the rest of the IIG that the they were ready as they did so. Everyone returned to the room, including Mr. Rees, who began dowsing the numbered boxes.

Mr. Rees went quickly though the room. When box number three seemed to activate his dowsing rod, he announced very confidently that number three was the location of the water. However, the box that actually contained the water was revealed to be box 14, located at least 15 feet away. Though Mr. Rees had technically failed at this point, since he would have had to complete three consecutive trials successfully, but we had asked him as part of the protocol negotiations to complete all three trials even under these circumstances. Mr. Rees failed to find the water in either of the other two trials.